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Brand identity and web app

Role: Branding, User Interface Design

MyMeds&Me are a SaaS startup in the pharmaceutical sector. Their aim is to simplify adverse event (side-effect) reporting and product quality data capture.

To help position them as a modern and professional business, MyMeds&Me needed a new brand identity. Before going to market, they also required user interface design for their core product, a brand-customisable web application called Reportum.

Working directly with the CEO, I made the recommendation to redesign their brand identity. This included a new logo, lightweight brand identity toolkit, stationery and their sales slide presentation decks. Following this, and working closely with their UX designers, Chief Development Officer, Front-end developers and a third-party agency, I designed the user interface for their web app.

The CEO and MyMeds&Me team were so pleased with the results, that I continue to work with them on an ongoing basis.

Previous logo

  • Previous MyMeds&Me logo on a business card

New logo, stationery and sales slides

  • Illustrative logo concept
  • Letterhead, business card and compliments slip
  • PowerPoint slide designs

User interface components for web app

  • Web app button styles
  • Web app form field styles

Pharma brand customisation options

  • Annotated interface showing custom colour options
  • Three welcome screens for example pharma brands

Body map interface

  • Gender selection on body map screen
  • Male figure on body map screen
  • Area detail on body map screen

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