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LeakBot device, a chat screen on an iMac and alert screen on an iPhone


Web app

Role: User Interface Design

LeakBot is a smart home device from HomeServe Labs. It can detect leaks anywhere on a fresh water plumbing system and alerts customers to potential problems via their smartphone.

Ahead of taking their product to market, HomeServe Labs required user interface design for a responsive web application. The web app was the main customer interface for receiving feedback from their LeakBot device, troubleshooting their problem and communicating with customer support.

Working with the HomeServe Labs team and a third-party development agency, I designed the entire user interface for the web app. This involved creating screen designs, animations and a user interface component inventory.

Following very positive feedback from the HomeServe Labs team, I was asked back to work on some design updates.

Registration screen designs

  • Welcome screen
  • Your details screen
  • LeakBot ID entry screen
  • Installation tips screen

Installation animations

  • Animation of LeakBot being clipped to a pipe
  • Animation of LeakBot pipe coverage throughout a house
  • Animation of a cross through a pipe junction

Leak alert screen designs

  • Mobile leak alert screen
  • Mobile sidebar menu
  • Mobile timeline screen
  • Mobile leak reason screen
  • Mobile leak reason overlay screen
  • Mobile chat screen

Alert icon animations

  • Animation of a single drip
  • Animation of ringing bell
  • Animation of multiple drips
  • Animation of waveform
  • Animation of LeakBot deactivating
  • Animation of thumbs up

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