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Events screen and view from my seat screen on two iPhones

Domino’s Pizza

Xbox One App

Agency: Future Platforms
Role: User Interface Design

Domino’s Pizza are the world’s leading pizza delivery company. In the UK alone, they sold 84.9m pizzas in 2015, with 67.4% of those transactions through e-commerce.

As part of their continued digital expansion and innovation strategy, Domino’s wanted to increase their customer reach by targeting gamers, who they identified as one of their key audiences.

Working with Future Platforms Head of UX and a developer, I designed the entire user interface for the app, ensuring consistent application of the brand, whilst paying close attention to the Xbox guidelines to deliver an effective user experience.

The UK’s first fast-food app on the Xbox platform was well received by both customers and the Domino’s Pizza team. It successfully joined their suite of apps that collectively generated £6.5m in sales per week during 2015.

Product selection screens

  • Pizza screen
  • Sides screen
  • Side detail overlay screen
  • Customise screen

Voice recognition sample screen

  • Voice recognition toppings screen

Order checkout and tracking screens

  • Order summary screen
  • Delivery details screen
  • Order confirmation screen

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