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Hello there.

Dave Adamson

I’m Dave Adamson, the one-man behind design studio, Anywhere Here. I’ve been specialising in designing for the web and digital since 1997, when the web was still very much wet behind the ears. Plying my trade at the likes of AOL, Netscape and top-ten brand & digital agency, Rufus Leonard, I’ve honed my skills over the years.

Experienced in designing for a range of channels including web, tablet, mobile and TV, I create effective solutions that are backed by user-centred design principles and strategic thinking. For a list of capabilities, see below.

I often work with agencies in London — with my background I slot easily into teams. However, I’ve also worked with clients around the world remotely from my own studio. People in as far flung places as the US, Canada, New Zealand, China and Russia.

And who are these good people I speak of? Well, there’s a very good chance they’re like you if you’re a CEO, CTO, Managing Director, Business Owner, Business Strategist, Marketing Manager, Project Manager, Developer or UX Designer to name a few.

Studio capabilities

Coming from a graphic design background, the specific skills I offer range from user interface design and information architecture, through to brand identity design. For projects requiring front and back-end development, I have tried and trusted specialists with whom I collaborate. If you haven’t done so already, then be sure to check out some of my work — you may have projects with similar challenges.

  • Mobile app user interface design
  • Responsive website design and build
  • Email newsletter design and build
  • Information architecture
  • Brand identity design

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